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Manchester First Aid Training

At PD Training we can tailor-make for you a first aid course Manchester area, our in-house first aid training courses can take place at your business or at a venue close by at a time to suit you in Greater Manchester and surrounding areas.

All of our first aid trainers are qualified and recognised by Ofqual an award-winning organisation to be able to offer and conduct Manchester first aid courses and emergency first aid with regulated qualifications for participants, First Aid and courses ran by PD Training is an approved centre for both Qualsafe and Pro-Training UK.

We have a proven track record of delivering quality interactive and enjoyable first aid courses to Manchester businesses big or small, both to benefit you as an employer and your employees.

Under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and Health & Safety (First Aid) regulations of 1981 as an employer, it’s your responsibility to ensure your at least one of your staff members has been trained and can administer first aid to another staff member who may become injured or fell ill at the workplace.

Having a First Aider able to administer emergency first aid in the working environment is imperative as health & safety courses go, we do run the best comprehensive first aid & first aid training available in Manchester, giving a great piece of mind for the health of management and your staff alike, all of which can be carried out on-site by us.

First Aid Course in Manchester

We run in Manchester a multitude of health & safety orientated courses including First Aid training, and Emergency First Aid, all First Aid training is with safety and healthcare in mind, and each of the courses has been designed to be not only informative and fun but will give your staff a life skill which is lifesaving they can use not only in their working profession but also on a Manchester street should an unfortunate event arise.

First Aid Training Courses

We have listed below the training we teach and first aid training duration times in Manchester, including courses we teach with a brief description of each training course, if you need any further information on these courses or feel you need some training yourself, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

First Aid Courses

All the courses and first aid we teach and take place in Manchester are designed to give aid at work, to an injured or ill work colleague, some of which can be life-changing and life-threatening, knowing how to deal with situations in the correct manner using the correct procedures is very important.

Basic Life Support

This half-day course covers the basics and best actions to take in a dire situation, how to deal with and treat accidents and injuries and aid at work any colleague showing symptoms of the following. 

First Aid at Work

These courses are intensive 3-day courses including AED Training and are designed for the more high-risk working environment.

Paediatric First Aid

This two-day course is designed for people working in schools, daycare centres and nurseries, and any environment where there are children and babies are present

CPR & AED Defibrillation

Carried out over half-day, this course teaches the first response person to be able to use a defibrillator, in Manchester, there are multiple venues such as supermarkets, shopping malls and public areas where defibrillators are available for someone with CPR and AED first aid trained to use in life-threatening situations.

Care Home First Aid

These health training courses are just one-day course structured to be used in healthcare homes and is based on Emergency first aid and how to use first aid kits and when to obtain help.

Emergency First Aid

Having a trained member of staff at your place of work able to administer emergency first aid is critical and can save lives as you wait for the emergency medical services to arrive on the scene.

First Aid Courses are needed?

It’s always better to play safe than sorry, having staff members with training in first aid and who have taken our courses or a first aid course will help to prevent any issues that may happen get worse, especially if the patient needs swift first aid treatment before medical services can arrive, all trained staff with first aid will be able to stabilise any injury or medical issue.

First Aid at Work Needed?

We find employees who have first aid skills and training will be more safety conscious, minimising risk to themselves and workmates, which will reduce accidents or injuries at work, being able to aid at work anyone with an injury using first aid skills learnt in courses taught by us and with the health information gleaned will make for a more beneficial and productive working environment.

Training courses

The benefits of training in first aid for both yourself as an employee and your workers are boundless, all courses in Manchester we run are for everybody’s health and safety, if you compare to 30 years ago no training was available in first aid for staff, with work-related accidents on the rise, legislation was brought in not only in Manchester but the whole of the UK for staff training with first aid and courses being implemented so we can all enjoy a safe working environment. 

Group Bookings

If you have or can get 12+ members of your employees together for courses, we can offer a 40% discount on each course undertaken by us.

Get in Touch

If you are interested and want more information about getting your staff or yourself trained with first aid & health procedures in your place of work, please contact us, if there is anything you are unsure about or cannot see courses on our website menu bar or the information that suits your needs contact us.

We can tailor-make courses to teach first aid and aid at work to suit your business and staff training in first aid at work situations.

Being able to give aid at work to a sick or injured worker with first aid skills is a need to know, not only will it give more confidence but also make for a much happier and safer working environment for everyone.

Your safety along with your staff’s safety is paramount in any working environment, give us a call today, and let us check together what we can do for your company with our range of courses and information safeguarding your worker’s health & well-being.