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First Aid Training Leeds, Yorkshire 

Have you ever been in a situation where you wish you had undertaken first aid training Leeds area? Don’t worry you’re not alone. We have all witnessed accidents in the workplace or on the streets of Leeds. It’s that feeling of helplessness as you don’t have the skills of effective first aid training if you haven’t taken any courses.

Now is the ideal time to do something about this. Simply sign up for our online courses and receive the best tuition from a qualified Leeds first aid trainer. 

Whether you opt for British Red Cross course or our bespoke tailor made first aid courses, pat yourself on the back. After taking one of our first-aid courses, you will be able to make a difference when a medical emergency arises. 

Courses to Help You Save Lives

Accidents in a Leeds workplace can be common events, especially if workplace health & safety regulations are neglected. Accidents do happen though, being prepared with trained first-aiders can make a difference between life & death. 

Secure First Aid Training Skills with our Training Courses 

Everyone should be able to administer emergency first aid with effective first aid techniques. As the leading training provider in Leeds, PDT Training are here to help you address an emergency effectively. 

Being on the streets of Leeds or workplace and emergency crops up and you have had basic life support training you can help. Depending on the type of training courses you have completed will determine what help you can give. 

Non-Disruptive First-Aid Work Training Courses 

Unlike other courses taught by companies in Leeds, such as White Rose Training, Underwood Training and at the British Red Cross Centre. To lessen impacting precious work time all our Leeds first aid courses are taught online. We can do this to individuals, face to face or as a first aid skills training group. 

Lifesaving Skills

Learning everyday crucial first aid basic skills, such as one-day emergency first aid. Ideal for learning the skills to use an external defibrillator which makes a real difference. Our Leeds courses are designed to give people a worthwhile lifesaving skill whilst waiting for emergency services to arrive.

Our Training Courses 

We offer a wide range of first aid courses, both on-site first aid training or at a venue of a client’s choice in Leeds, West Yorkshire. All off our courses are taught online face to face with a qualified first aid trainer in Leeds.

Paediatric first aid training enables people to give first aid to children. Ideal for people working in schools and nurseries in Leeds. 

Excellence in Training Recognised Courses

All courses undertaken by First Aid PD training are recognised and adhere to HSE regulations. Each of our first aid instructors are approved and certified by a UK resuscitation council trainer and is DBS checked. 

Eliminate Risks with our Lifesaving Courses

To find out more about the courses we offer online for businesses & individuals in Leeds. Visit our website, if you have any unanswered questions, send us a message using our contact us tab.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and offering our unrivalled courses in Leeds.