First Aid Training Liverpool 

Are you a business owner in need of first aid training Liverpool area? Are you looking for training courses near or in Liverpool city centre? As a responsible and caring Liverpool employee, do you insist on first-class training courses conducted by highly trained professionals? If you answered yes to the above questions, PD Training Solutions are an approved first aid training centre for both Qualsafe & Pro-Training UK. 

To find out how we can help instill well-being & positivity whilst increasing productivity within your Liverpool business, please read on.

Tailor-Made First-Aid Courses in Liverpool

Unlike the British Red Cross, all of our first-aid courses including health and safety courses can either be conducted on your own premises or near your Liverpool business. 

We all know a happy workforce is a more productive workforce. If your employees feel safe and secure in their Liverpool workplace they become a successful workforce. Research conducted by the British Red Cross and other establishments shows a happy workforce is 12% more productive. 

We offer a discount of 40% for group bookings of 12 candidates.

Mental Health First Aid 

Mental health issues statistically affect one in four people each year. Having staff members qualified with mental health first aid training will empower staff with mental well-being not only at work but at home too. Our mental health and first aid tailor-made training courses in Liverpool will be designed to fit in with your business needs. All Liverpool-based courses will be at your convenience with minimal disruption to your business day. 

Research shows employees who are suffering from stress or mental health issues in the workplace cannot perform to their best abilities.

Mental Health Courses in Liverpool

Level One – First Aid for Mental Health (Awareness Training Course)

The level one courses are designed to bring awareness in the workplace for any signs of mental health issues. Each candidate is provided with the knowledge to identify any mental health problems. This 4.30hr course will teach learners how to start a supportive conversation and how to signpost the person to seek help from a mental health professional. Candidates will also learn how to recognise and manage stress among workers.

Level Two – First Aid for Mental Health Training

These courses are over one day (7hrs) when completed the qualification enables candidates to become to a first aider for mental health. As with Level one courses, learners will be taught to recognise a range of mental health issues, offering supportive conversation and knowing when and how to get the sufferer to seek professional mental health care.

Candidates will learn how to recognise and manage stress and the impact of using substances and substance abuse. The course also teaches how to put a first aid plan for mental health in place and promote positive mental health culture among the workforce.

Level Three – Mental Health First Aid Training

This two-day in-depth course covers a wide range of mental health issues and conditions. The course covers both Level one & level two qualifications. Help and support are provided by healthcare professionals. Candidates for these courses ideally are for staff within your workforce who are trainers or supervisors.

One-Day Emergency First Aid at Work Courses

Having first-aid-trained staff members in the workplace is paramount to help and administer first aid in the event of accidents whilst waiting for emergency services to arrive. 

This one-day course will educate staff members on how to handle and deal with effectively accidents in the workplace. This training course is aimed at employees working in a low-risk environment and less than 25 employees.

This first aid course covers

All the above courses can be conducted on your Liverpool premises or at any appropriate location in the Liverpool area.

Need Further Information on First Aid Training Liverpool?

If you need further information on our health and safety or first aid training in your Liverpool workplace or in and around Liverpool city centre, please get in touch. You can contact us by telephoning or using our website contact page.