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Paediatric First Aid Training & Emergency First Aid at Work

If you are working in a school or nursery and want to be first aid trained, then consider our two-day paediatric first aid course Manchester area, which is suitable for people working with young children & babies. At PD Training we offer a wide range of different work-related training courses. We tailor courses to suit your needs either at your workplace or a venue nearby. 

Whatever the workplace or your profession having a trained emergency first aider on hand to deal with workplace accidents, illness or injuries is a requirement under the health and safety first aid regulations 1981 act.

First aid training for work

Having the ability to be able to give emergency first aid at work after our training course will instil confidence amongst staff members to be able to act immediately in the unfortunate event of an accident, injury or illness. Many lives have been saved in workplaces due to the fast reactions of employees, making health and safety training and being able to administer emergency first aid at work imperative. 

First Aid Training Saves Lives

First aid intervention at work by a trained first aider undoubtfully saves lives. Having staff members trained in emergency first aid at work helps when a medical emergency happens. The first aider using the first aid techniques learnt in our courses will be able to keep the patient stable whilst waiting for emergency services to arrive.

Risk Assessment

To undertake the correct training and emergency first aid at work suitable courses for you, consideration of your business and possible hazards at work need to be identified.

Such as:

Workplace First Aid Training & Courses we Offer

if you are unsure of which courses suit your business. We will provide a risk assessment of your workplace and advise on the best courses and training.
As well as first aid paediatric training courses to become a workplace first aider, we also offer other first aid courses as below

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Having in place an emergency first aid at work is for your piece of mind a “must do”. At PD Training we are here to advise the best training and the best courses to suit your business requirements. If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch, either by telephone or using our website contact page. 

We would be more than happy to visit your working environment and advise on suitable training. This will ensure the safety of yourself, your staff or visitors. 

At PD Training we offer many different courses both for employees and individual members of the public. To find out about our courses visit our website. If you are interested in any of our courses, contact us with your requirements and we will get back to you will course availability in your area.